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Apr 28, 2019

Much like Western religious traditions, there is a long history of commentary on seminal texts of Chinese philosophy and religion, most of which has yet to be translated. In today’s podcast interview with Mattias Daly, Chinese medicine practitioner and Daoist scholar, we explore the long tradition of commentary on the Dao De Jing, and go into depth about whether the translation of the well know term often translated as “the mysterious female” 玄牝 is, in fact, in accordance with this tradition of commentary. We also talk about the little known Wenshi Pai 文始派 sect of Daoism, and delve deeply into the Buddhist influences on the poetry of Daoist luminaries Wang Chongyang 王重陽 and Zhang Boduan 張伯端.


Mattias is also working on a translation of the “Ten Discourses on Daoist Alchemy” 丹道十講 by Ge Guolong 戈國龍, if you would like to support him in this admirable pursuit you can contribute funding at .