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Mar 30, 2021

In this episode we interview Mattias Daly about his most recent translation for Purple Cloud Press, The Heart Treasure of Taijiquan by Ren Gang. Written for the modern reader, this book thoroughly illuminates the authentic inner teachings of Yang family taijiquan. From detailing contemporary misunderstandings of taijiquan and its place in Chinese culture, to explaining the correct meanings of fundamental concepts; and from elucidating classic writings, to recording an extensive Q&A with students, The Heart Treasure of Taijiquan enables the reader to understand the essence of this path. Master Ren Gang of Shanghai is a true inheritor of Yang style taijiquan. The translator, Mattias Daly, is a twenty-year student of Chinese martial arts, spiritual practices, and traditional healthcare. In order to ensure a highly faithful translation, he made numerous journeys to Shanghaito discuss the complexities of taijiquan philosophy with Master Ren and personally experience the training methods and martial applications he describes.